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beginning of... who developed “The 8 Factors Framework” to help thousands of entrepreneurs learn how to improve their businesses. The 8 factors framework, combined with Centro Community’s resources model, have been proven to be adaptable to the small to medium sized Haitian entrepreneurs to successfully make a positive difference in their businesses and their communities.

Our Partners

Because FormatAide believes that large-scale change comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of individual organizations, we are thrilled to bring partners around a common agenda to create collective impact.

Our partners are from the U.S and Haiti. Together they bring innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business.  Our partners are essential to our success! We are bringing partners from the U.S and Haiti to make our endeavor successful. We are proud to have on board the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from “Universite Quisqueya – Haiti” that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. Cedel Haiti is also a key partner that is already working with entrepreneurs in Haiti to help them bring sustainable changes to their businesses. We also have on board Fonkoze which is the largest microfinance institution in Haiti through micro-credit, business development loans, life and credit micro insurance. Librairie l’Action Sociale is also a key partner in the industry of printing and books that is bringing its expertise to make this project a success.
Through the leadership of Marc Antoine ACRA, Industries ACRA is a local partner involved in helping Small to Medium Sized Entrepreneurs in Haiti grow their businesses in a sustainable way. We are grateful for their monetary as well as mental support during our journey.  

We are very fortunate to partner with “the 8 factors” that gives us the framework to adapt our curriculum to the Haitian market. Mills College is the medium to which this dream was able to come true with the support of the faculty, students and staff from the Lorry Lokey. I Graduate School of Business, located in Oakland Ca.
We welcome a new partner, CLE, a Haitian Foundation committed to promoting and supporting leadership for social change across sectors in Haiti through leadership education programs, action research, and awareness raising activities.
JCF Conseis, a new partner who is commiting to be the link between the young professional and the job market by offering them a platform to be trained on job developpment, interview skills and personal development.

Investing in FormatAide is investing in the future of Haiti. We are thrilled that our partners can invest in FormatAide at this magnitude and play an important role in lending to our success.  We are proud to have on board our KEY Partners.

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