Mills College (17)
Imani Community Church (6)
Support Team (10)
Dean Deborah Merrill-Sands
Reverend Georges Cummings
Cheryl C Allen
Dean Katherine Schultz
Jamal Hunter’s family
Warrine Coffey
Michael C. Bush
Monique Butler
Doris Crocker
Lisa Cain
Diana Doss
Nancy Griffin
Sara Faroqi
Loraine Binion Hardy
Angie Jacobson
Hazel Wingate
Kareen Kircher
Chanda Jones
Jennie Mollica
Jennifer Lin
Arturo Noriega
Janice Ma
Susan Montauk
Jesse Biringer
Yoko Narter
Musetta Perezarce
Michelle C. Peterson
Elizabeth Rice
Junko Shinga
Katina Conn
Amanda Wysinger

Merry Christmas!

FormatAide‘s team wants to acknowledge and thank our 58 donors to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Thank y ...

1 day left!

Today is not only the last day to donate through Indiegogo, it’s also Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays to you and your ...

3 days left!

At the end of this month, FormatAide will fly off to Haiti to launch Phase I of the program. Special thanks to our 5 ...

We did it! Thank you!

Because of you, we have reached our goal 6 days prior our campaign to be over. We are grateful to your contributions ...

10 days left!!!!

We are extremely GRATEFUL for the 40 supporters and funders of FormatAide !!! Thank You for helping us bringing sust ...