We are using a proven curriculum, the 8 Factors, which is currently taught in graduate schools and businesses in the United States and around the world. Our trainers and student advisors will teach and coach small medium sized business using the 8 Factors business framework that was successfully tested in Haiti over the summer of 2013

Factor 1. MISSION, VISION, VALUES: The reviewing and developing of each small, medium sized business’ vision, mission and values will help clarify the business value proposition and better understand their customer needs.

Factor 2.- FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: The majority of the small to medium sized businesses in Haiti is operating on a cash basis. Knowing the financial status of their business will be an opportunity to forcast the entrepreneur’s financial goals and be comfortable with seeking additional funding support through micro lending companies, bank and other sources.

Factor 3.- STRATEGY: This framework will be taught as the marketing tools that Haitian business entrepreneurs will learn from to develop the strategy they need to help them to meet their customer needs  and increase customer's retention rate and market share.

Factor 4.- HUMAN RESOURCES :The most important part of any business is its people. Teaching small medium sized business entrepreneurs to attract, develop and reward the right people for their businesses is a key to financial success and growth. This lesson will focus on the importance of hiring and firing and how it should be done.

Factor 5:  CULTURE : One of the primary responsibilities of strategic business leaders is to create and maintain the organizational characteristics that reward and encourage collective effort. Through this lesson, we opt to teach them how to assess, setup and constantly monitor this collective behavior of humans who are part of their businesses to make sure that their values are tied to their actions.

Factor 6: PROCESS:  We will teach this lesson to help the business leaders to outline and map their process that create information that can be used to follow, evaluate and measure their progress over time.

Factor 7:  STRUCTURE: Through this lesson, the small medium sized business entrepreneurs will write down their actual structure and think on how they can optimize it to make it better, they will review their organizational charts, their organizational function and their operating discipline.

Factor 8: COMMUNICATION  AND LEADERSHIP : Changing leadership values in Haiti. We will help them learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking -vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of the Haitian society.

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