KoreBiznis is a pilot program that FormatAide will implement to provide the skills, insight, and assistance needed by the small medium sized entrepreneurs to successfully run their businesses. KoreBiznis is also a combination of two Haitian Creole words that means support (kore) to business (biznis).  KoreBiznis seeks to promote an action oriented model that provides resources that can be used immediately at the speed of different type of small to medium sized businesses.  KoreBiznis wants to bring business training to small business leaders while their businesses are still operating and build a network that connects small medium business entrepreneurs to share successes, best practices, and overcome challenges while finding partners, vendors and grab opportunities.

Step 1 :   The 8 Factors framework will be taught in a 4-week periods with 2 factors per week and 2 hours per factor.

Step 2 :   When the entrepreneurs graduate from our program, they will be matched to an advisor that will coach them for the next 3 months. This coaching session will offer them a skillful resource to reach out to for additional questions. This coach will give them onsite or/and virtual consultation that will help them implemented their new business skills into their businesses. Coaching assistance will cover a 3 month period with at least six (6) meetings in person with an advisor.

In addition to our pre-curriculum program and tailor design program, we will bring experienced guest speakers on a platform event that will provide an opportunity to learn from by sharing experiences or through exchanges with peers and collaboration with similar organizations or in people in similar roles.

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