Our Story

FormatAide’s story begins with the loving pillar of my life, my mother.  She demonstrated to me what resourcefulness, determination, and selfless giving can do.  She found a way to save our family in the face of desperate times, by selling meals from our home.  She had no background whatsoever in business, so she battled great challenges to make ends meet.  Read more...

In 2016, FormatAide supported ~~KONBIT JEN” a growing youth leadership and networking campaign created by the Haitian Center for Leadership and Excellence (CLE) that has engaged nearly thousand of youth leaders and entrepreneurs working for economic, community, civic and social development across the country. In 2017, Formataide is working with Haiti Teen Challenge / Defi Jeunesse d'Haiti to provide business training to their beneficiaries to build strong business owners and managers. Haiti Teen Challenge organization is committed to strong governance, accountability, good stewardship, collective prayer and hard work while in pursuit of our mission to "build godly leaders of integrity, so that they are empowered to rebuild their nation." For more information, check out their websites at : http://www.haititc.org/

Our Mission

FormatAide’s mission is to deliver focused, tailored business training to small-medium sized business entrepreneurs in Haiti, to enable them to lead and grow their businesses successfully and sustainably.  This in turn will enable business entrepreneurs to make lasting contributions in their families and communities, ultimately fostering Haiti’s economic growth.

~~Our Vision
Our vision is to lead the regrowth of the Haitian economy, thereby transforming the lives and hopes of the Haitian community.

Our Values
Accomplishment and Growth: for Small to Medium Sized Business Entrepreneurs (SMSE) so they can acquire the skills they need to become sustainable business leaders that support their communities.
Results: We will achieve results by striving to help small medium sized entrepreneurs to achieve success through effective training, personal coaching, and constructive feedback with a “can do” attitude and celebrate when we do.
Independence:  We will strive to provide business training that will enhance SMSE’s skills to become independent and self-sufficient.



Our Supporters

As we begin this new journey we are fortunate to have attracted many recognized leaders and entrepreneurs, who have helped us bring our idea into reality.  Among the organizations we work with is the Centro Community Partners, whose mission is to help “entrepreneurs gain access to business resources and capital, in order to develop communities and reduce poverty”.  The Centro team includes Arturo A. Noriega, Founder & Executive Director, and Naldo Pelics, Chief Operations officer, both of whom have truly been an inspiration to FormatAide from the beginning.  We also have been immeasurably impacted by Professor Michael C. Bush, who developed “The 8 Factors Framework” to help thousands of entrepreneurs learn how to improve their businesses Read more...